Privacy Policy

    PRIVACY is a phrase that evokes sturdy convictions and an emotional reaction from a lot of us. In the contemporary-day world, however, wondrous forms of digital conversation render the safety of privacy interests much more difficult. We in the college aren't immune from the trap of comfort and velocity whilst we utilise our data era and digital conversation tools. We at IIT Patna, assist students in locating the proper schooling for their needs. The college no longer intends to sell, swap, rent, or in any other case reveal for industrial purposes, out of doors the scope of everyday college functions, your name, mailing address, phone number, electronic mail address, or different data you provide. While the college makes affordable efforts to guard data furnished to us, we cannot assure that this data will continue to be steady and aren't answerable for any loss or theft. Such data can also additionally represent non-public data, i.e. data that could be difficult for you and that may be used inside the identity of college students.

About the Privacy Policy

  • The privacy policy is there to explain when and why we collect information, how we use it and also the conditions (Law Enforcement) under which we may disclose it to others and what SOPs we follow to keep it secure.
  • We Pursue strict SOPs that will keep the personal data that you provided. This also includes all domains.
  • We reserve all rights to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Privacy Policies are always accessible by clicking on the “Privacy Policy” on the home page.